Reading – An Informative and Fun Way to Relieve Stress

There are so many ways a person can try to help relieve the stress. Between work, school and family, it is easy to be overwhelmed with all the things you need to do. Stress is normal and sometimes beneficial. With stress, you feel compelled to move quick and efficient in whatever you have to do. However, when stress threatens to overwhelm, I long for those nights during childhood when I enjoy reading a good book or two. It is a proven fact that reading is a great stress relief. Many adults take it for granted because of the much-required reading in our life so we believe. We have bills, emails and newspapers to read that we don’t have time to read a book for pleasure. I cannot deny, however, that reading is such a wonderful and healthy way to escape from stress in my life. In truth, reading is not Read More

More On Becoming, And Staying, Happy

Last week we discussed some concrete actions to take to be happy. Today we’re going to look at 5 more simple things we can do right now to improve our happiness. Do you know what the secret to true happiness in life is? In today’s world, most people don’t know how to live a happy life due to the stressing issues in their lives. Life is full of surprises, sometimes the good stuff happens or things go wrong. However, whichever situation you might be in, you need to have emotional control over your well-being if you want to stay happy in life. Staying in the present moment helps in reducing stress, thus increasing your happiness.