How to Attain Happiness and Fulfilment in Life

You are born in this world to make the most out of your life. You are not born into this world to suffer a lifetime of sickness, failure, and misery. Instead, you are born to experience a happy, healthy and satisfying life. Meanwhile, there are some instances that you get tensed and depressed about your current situation in life. If not given an immediate solution, this may lead into a more serious trouble. In connection to this, the following are the best tips on how to be happy in life.  

The Slight Edge

The Slight Edge Years ago, a friend handed me the book “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson and introduced me to the world of “personal development.” Personal development is simply the idea, the action of, and the commitment to, learning and growing in order to make ourselves better human beings. Personal development, for me, carries a connotation of self-study or self-direction as opposed to formal education. But there are plenty of formal and organized groups and classes out there that fall under the umbrella of “personal development.” Now back to “The Slight Edge.” Olson’s central thesis is simple, there is a slight edge in life that we can either use, work and cultivate to our advantage or to our disadvantage. The reason he uses the term “slight edge” is that the difference between the two is so subtle that most people don’t even realize they’re tilting towards disadvantage (until it’s Read More

Music and Mood

Music and Mood In keeping with the theme of this site, here’s one of my “tricks” to fast happiness. Now, what I mean by this is not lifelong happiness achieved rapidly… here I’m talking about a technique I use to boost my mood quickly. I’ve been a music lover since I was in grade school. I was forced, very much against my will, to watch the movie “Amadeus.” At the time, I had no idea it was a multiple Academy Award winning film. All I knew is that I wanted to watch a movie, and at eleven years old a period piece set in the 1700s wasn’t what I had in mind. I had no idea what I was in for. Begrudgingly I laid on the floor expecting to be bored out of my mind for two hours, what happened next was literally life-changing. When the caretakers burst through the Read More