Things You Can Do To Show Appreciation To Your Parents 

Every parent only wants the best for their child. Most of the times, they even compromise their own comfort just to they can give their children the best life possible. They work unbelievably hard to provide top-notch lifestyle to their kids. While this is not debatable, as all parents love their child unconditionally, how do children pay their parents back? How should children show their appreciation for all the sacrifices their parents have done for them? In other words, how do we express love to our parents so they can be proud of us? Here are some ways.

1. Say it.

Your parents brought you into this world and are continuously shaping you as a person. Whenever you feel like telling them how much appreciation you feel, say it. Tell them you love them. Tell them you care about them. Tell them about your dreams for them. Tell them how important they are to you. Any parent will be touched if they hear their children say these things. In this day and age, we tend to forget our priorities being so busy with all the things that we have to do. Hopefully, we never forget to tell our parents how much we love them.

2. Listen to them.

When your parents say that they have been there and done that, believe them. They are grown people who have more experience than you, and they are wiser than you in this life. You may feel like you know everything, but you don’t. Your parents know more, and are wise enough to give you advice about life in general. When they give you some wise words, listen to them. They know better and remember that they only want what is best for you.

3. Show them.

You might not know it but when you were little, and even until now, your parents showered you with so much affection. They spend most of their lives taking care of you, changing your nappies, feeding you, teaching you, putting you to bed, watching you sleep, and just being proud of you for every milestone you achieve. Even when they’re scolding you for something, it’s their way of showing their concern and love. Now that you’re understanding life better, you have to show them affection too. Kiss them, hug them, hold their hands, cook something for them, buy them a gift, whatever it is that you think they will appreciate, go do it. Your parents will appreciate everything you do for them, big or small. Whenever you have the chance to show them how much they are loved, grab it. When they ask you to clean your room, go clean it. When they ask you to walk the dog, go walk the dog. When they ask you to wash the rugs, go wash them. You may even hire the best carpet cleaner for them. Whatever it is that you can do to make their lives a little more comfortable, go do it.

Your parents will only be with you for long. Make sure you let them know they’re appreciated and loved.


Tips For Road Tripping With A Toddler 

Traveling is an invigorating experience. It’s a way to give ourselves a break from our busy, mundane lives. It’s a way to refresh ourselves, reset our thoughts, and basically relax our mind and body. When you got kids, however, this might not all be possible. You want to relax when suddenly your toddler come shouting and then smashes your face with a plastic toy. You want to enjoy the scenery then you smell something familiar, more like poop and it surely is poop. While traveling with a toddler can take the best out of a parent’s sanity, we can still make the best travel experience by remembering these tips:

1. Keep your toddler fed.

Nobody wants a cranky kid in the backseat when you are driving for hours. The best way to avoid that is to make sure your toddler is full. Feed him prior to going on your road trip, and keep snacks within reach. Bring snacks that would make your child full for longer, like fruits, and bread. Avoid feeding too much sugar like candies or ice cream.

2. Keep them entertained.

Prior to starting your road trip, prepare the following: nursery rhyme playlist, toys, books, toys, and more toys. And when we say toys, it doesn’t have to be an actual toy, but anything that he can play with like empty water bottles, his sippy cup, or your hair tie. As long as they are non-toxic and not a choking hazard, they can pass as toys and you can bring them as you wish. Just keep them entertained in all ways possible!

3. Stick to their schedule. 

If you will be on the road for long hours, make sure to consider your kid’s daily schedule. Avoid starting your trip when it’s supposed to be their nap or meal time. Consider the trip as an activity that is part of their day, so they can be excited for it. When it’s nap time and you’re still on the road, consider making the environment a little more calm and quiet – turn music down and keep toys out of their sight. You don’t have strictly follow your usual routine, but at least keep it as close as possible. This will prevent unnecessary crying and whining.

4. Have stopovers from time to time.

Travelling can be stressful for young kids, as they’ll be strapped on to their car seats the whole time and they can only do so much. It is just smart to stop over, take your kid out of the car for a good knee stretch, and give yourself some stretching too. This will keep your toddler energized.

5. Embrace the trip.

Long drive is tiring in itself, add your toddler to the experience and expect nothing but madness. But you know what, your kid will remember this experience as one of his many memorable ones. When he’s older, he will tell stories to his friends about that long drive you had when he was little and how exciting it was. He will remember this trip for life. As hard as it is to be on the road with a toddler, embrace the experience, because your child definitely will.



Summer Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy 

Summer’s here! It’s that time of the year when the kids are out of school and the temperature is just right for an outdoor rush. It’s that time when your kids can explore various hobbies that may interest them, let them meet new friends, and overall have a memorable experience. As parents, you only want what makes your child happy, right? Here are some activities for the summer that your kids will surely enjoy.

1. Swimming

What a way to spend a hot summer afternoon than to go swimming on a water park? Playing with water is a good summer idea for both kids and adults. It’s invigorating, enjoyable, and definitely a fun way to bond with your kids. A family day at the pool is something that kids will surely love. You might also consider enrolling your kids to swimming school. This will build their confidence in swimming, and it’s a fun way to exercise too! Of course, meeting new friends in swim class is a plus.

2. Camping

Who doesn’t like camping? Playing board games, fishing, sleeping in tents, making bonfires and eating s’mores, camping is definitely one for the books. You can even invite their friends to camp with you. Kids enjoy outdoor activities like these, at the same time they can learn independence and you can even let them help you in setting up tents, or cooking dinner. Camping is such a fruitful activity your kids will surely love.

3. Music or art school

Do you see potential in your kids when it comes to music or art? If you’re seeing an inner Selena Gomez, Michael Jackson, or Picasso in your child, then it’s just about time to unleash those hidden talents by enrolling them in music or art, or maybe even dance school. Let them explore their potentials by exposing them to whatever it is that they find interesting. This will not only hone their talents and skills, but will certainly make their summer very memorable too!

4. Cooking or baking

Kids like to meddle with your kitchen business, so why not let them actually do something in the kitchen? Teach them basic cooking or baking. There are even baking tools especially made for kids. Most kids find baking easy and enjoyable. You can work with basic cookie or cupcake recipes. You can even suggest baking some pastries for their friends! How exciting would it be bringing cupcakes to their friends’ houses. You can also invite their friends over to help with baking and decorating the pastries! What a fun way to bond, right? You can check Got Chocolate for tons of easy and fun recipes.

5. Charity activities

Visit kids at the orphanage, or donate toys to other kids, whatever charitable activity you want, you can always involve your kids. Find an institution or home that can accommodate your plan, like feeding programs, toy donation, or simply playing with less fortunate kids. This experience will not only teach your child the value of giving, but will also make them realize the value of what they have.

Your kids being out of school during the summer doesn’t mean they have to stay home all day in front of their computers or television. It can be a great time to introduce new hobbies and activities that they will surely find interesting and fun! Make this summer your kid’s most memorable one! Have a great summer everyone!